6th April – BioImagingLab Weekly Meeting

Dear colleague,

Hereby you are invited to attend the lab meeting presented by Adrián Galdrán, entitled “Deep Adversarial Generative Models for Retinal (/CT?/OCT?/Ultrasound?) Images”, Thursday 6th of April, at 14h in Aud A – INESC TEC.

Click here to read the abstract

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Lab meeting update:

Link to presentation: (http://gofile.me/3h2Gh/P5kUqlKtu). Alternatively, you can find all the BioImagingLab Weekly Meeting presentations in the folder: NAS/Presentations/

You can also find the demo Adrián mentioned here: http://vess2ret.inesctec.pt/retina

Discussed topics:

Chairs and white board. The request for new chairs has been sent. A white board to place in I303 should be asked to the department.

Collaboration within the group. After his presentation, Adrián suggested using the adversarial generative models for the different imaging modalities used by the group.

MICCAI/SASHIMI 2018: It was suggested that the group may explore different applications of deep generative models, and if results are good, we could be able to submit different works, in the field of simulated medical image data, to MICCAI 2018 or its satellite workshop SASHIMI (focused on medical image synthesis); both events will be held in Granada next year.