Master thesis and internship opportunities


At the Bioimaging lab – CBER at INESC TEC we focus on solutions for medical image processing and analysis for computer-aided diagnosis.

We have at the moment open opportunities for master thesis and internships integrated within different projects and areas, such as:

ScreenDR project – Image Analysis and Machine Learning Platform for Innovation in Diabetic Retinopathy Screening (contact info:

  1. Risk assessment of diabetic macular edema from eye fundus images (Supervisors: Ana Maria Mendonça, Catarina Carvalho)

LUCAS project – Lung cancer screening – A non-invasive methodology for early diagnosis (contact info:

  1. Synthesizing artificial thoracic CT images using machine learning (Supervisors: Hélder Oliveira, Tânia Pereira)
  2. Feature engineering for lung cancer gene mutation prediction (Supervisors: Hélder Oliveira, Tânia Pereira)
  3. Lung cancer gene mutation prediction using transfer learning (Supervisors: Hélder Oliveira, Tânia Pereira)

Ultrasound proposals (contact info: / ):

  1. Right heart function assessment in echocardiography (Supervisors: Aurélio Campilho, João Pedrosa)
  2. Tissue characterization from gynecological ultrasound data (Supervisors: Jorge Silva, Catarina Carvalho)

Endoscopic capsules proposals (contact info:

  1. Abnormalities detection on videos of endoscopic capsules (Supervisor: António Cunha, Hélder Oliveira)
  2. Automatic polyp detection and segmentation in colon images (Supervisor: António Cunha, Hélder Oliveira)

Do you have any questions? Download the abstract of the proposals (Download: Propostas Teses Mestrado/Estágios) or show up on the 25th of September at 10h in room I-105 to know more.

You can also send an email to