Call To Award 1 Research Grant For Msc Holders – Automatic Detection, Segmentation And Classification Of Pulmonary Nodules System In Computed Tomography Images [Closed].

INESC TEC is accepting applications to award 1 Research Grant for MSC holders – Automatic Detection, Segmentation and Classification of Pulmonary Nodules System in Computed Tomography Images. Work area: Medical Image Analysis – Machine Learning. Academic qualifications: M.Sc. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Biomedical Eng. or related fields. Minimum profile required: MSc with minimum grade (GPA) of 15*. Only candidates with a minimum of 70% of CV+scientific domain+experience will be interviewed.

* for Integrated MSc GPA or weighted average of Licenciatura and MSc.

Preference factors: (1) R&D experience in at least one of the fields Image Analysis, Computer Vision or Machine Learning; (2) programming experience, in Python and/or Matlab; (3) experience in analysis of lung images.


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